I drew Shiroba today! I’m like really fucking proud of this man.

I hope you guys like it. ;w; 

6:41pm 09/10 + $1

I drew my friend, Chris and I’s character together. We call them the Lesbian babe’s. I really loved how this turned out. ;w; 

5:00pm 09/08

Some venting art  I did possibly like a week or two ago I’m not sure. 

4:58pm 09/08

Artwork from about two-three weeks ago I think—

This is my favorite so far. 

4:56pm 09/08

Some old artwork I did two nights ago at 3 A.M.

4:55pm 09/08

4:33pm 09/08 + $332


Alexandra Khitrova

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4:33pm 09/08 + $676